14 marca 2020

We present the catalogue no. 32, which will delight you with the excellent product recipes and royal aromas - both the brand new ones and your favourite ones, but in a surprising version.

Let's start our journey in the magical land of UTIQUE... A Luxury Scented Candle will surround the room with a captivating aura, allowing you to enjoy the sophisticated chords of Flamingo, Violet Oud and Black perfumes for an incredibly long time.

In the technologically advanced cosmetics line FONTAINAVIE appeared Hydro Therapy Hyaluronic Sheet Mask, which will guarantee a beautiful and healthy look and will provide a clear effect of skin rejuvenation thanks to active ultra moisturizing ingredients. Its amazing result is confirmed by 100% of respondents!

Two new series have joined the professional brand HAIRLAB: SWIFT2 STYLING and RAPID2 REFRESHING. Each of them is offerring a product thanks to which achieving a perfect hairstyle will be easy and pleasant. Dry Hair Shampoo will effectively clean and refresh your hair without the use of water, and a Strong Hairspray will keep it in perfect shape for an incredibly long time.

The NUTRICODE line of food supplements has been expanded by Collabeauty Q10 Expert, which comprehensively cares for the skin from the inside and helps it to fight the passing of time, as well as Slim Body System to help you lose weight.

In our offer you will find many new delightful perfumes. In the PURE ROYAL collection you will find 13 new women's compositions, 3 men's and 8 unisex, while in the PURE 7 fragrances for women and 3 for men. 

From now on, you can also have a selection of them in the form of extremely practical and pleasant in application of Solid Perfume Stick. Thanks to them you will feel unique in every place and at every time.

In the pursuit of perfection, we have improved the formula and texture of each GOLD REGENESIS cosmetic, as well as refreshed the design of all packaging. Invariably, products from this exclusive series are designed mainly for mature skin that needs firming and moisturizing.

In addition, among the care cosmetics you will find COMPLETE CARE Soap Bar with precious avocado oil, moisturizing glycerine, nourishing shea butter and olive oil, which makes the skin silky soft and smooth. And ideal for hot days, the Perfumed Body Mist like a sea breeze will give you an instant refreshing effect.

The limited edition of the DESERT GLOW collection was inspired by the beauty of nature and the colours of sand illuminated by the rays of hot, summer sun. The most wonderful colours of the desert have been closed in 7 Color Intense Lipsticks and MIX & MATCH Eye Shadows.

One of the leading trends of this season are lips shining like a surface of the water. Thanks to the Lustre Effect Hyaluronic Lip Gloss giving them an extraordinary shine and the Plump Effect Chili Lip Gloss with a thousand shimmering particles you will delight with the most fashionable makeup.

The aromatic PURE HOME family has been joined by the Air Freshener and new versions of Home Ritual products, candles and fragrances, as well as the Wardrobe Fragrances, while the SMART & CLEAN Furniture Cream, three new Vacuum Freshener and Effective Foam Washing-up Liquid with a raspberry scent in a handy mini version.

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