About Us

Business Opportunities of FM WORLD

FM WORLD's keys to success are high quality products for daily use at attractive prices and proved business model based on the transparent, fair and progressive Marketing Plan. 

A FM WORLD you can build your structure globally and sponsor people all around the world.  It also means that Your sponsor may live in a different country but your personal points sum up as the group points as well as are included in the Global Points Turnover.

The earnings at FM WORLD are calculated according to the Marketing Plan and are unlimited. With our leaders (who achieved levels from 2nd and 3rd Marketing Plan) we share profits proporcionally to their participation in the Global Points Turnover. 

We also offer additional earnings from Incentive Programmes. They have been created for Business Partners who think of long term cooperation with FM WORLD. 

New Business Partners can benefit from "A Good Start" programme, which allows you to buy more products for the symbolic price for the first three months of membership. Moreover, for all the Business Partners, we offer great training system and for those who have achieved levels, international trips, home bonus and luxury cars.

Twice a year we celebrate together our common successes - during Global Networking Forum and at FM WORLD Annniversary Gala which is organised in the most prestigious locations in the world. 

Registered Business Partners can find detailed information in the Partner Zone after login.