18 ноември 2020 г.

We have already presented many fantastic novelties, including Konjac Superfood, AURILE Chocolates and Almonds, GOLD REGENESIS Shimmering Body Oil, HELLO HONEY MANUKA line, SMART & CLEAN probiotic preparations, Perfumed Body Sprays and, of course, a whole lot of unisex fragrances from the PURE ROYAL collection. 

Here comes the 3rd edition of the Product Catalogue no. 33. Look what we have prepared this time!

Here are the sensational three products of the third edition:

1. GOLD REGENESIS Anti-Ageing Face Scrub is another important step in skincare and perfectly complements the whole line. Also, it contains almost 100% natural ingredients!

2. Perfect Skin Nourishing Body Salt Scrub from the FONTAINAVIE collection – not only does it take care of the skin's condition thanks to the wealth of valuable ingredients, but also pampers the senses with your favourite PURE ROYAL 900 fragrance.

3. Food supplement Vit-C Powder – irreplaceable vitamin C in the form of dissolving powder increases immunity, supporting the body during the period of increased morbidity. This ultra-efficient preparation is sufficient for 500 days!

You can find more information about the novelties here:

Stay tuned!