September 28, 2019

In catalogue No. 31 you will find as many as 143 new products – 25 of them you met during the 4th Global Networking Forum, 5 foundations in August this year, 113 we are unveiling now!


The premiere of the catalogue was held under the slogan "PURE LIFESTYLE" for a reason. Out of concern for your condition and well-being, we have developed another pioneering NUTRICODE food supplements – 7 in the innovative form of gummies (VIT-COMPLETE, PROPOLIS PRO, VIT-D3, ENERGY KICK, STRONG MUSCLE, FIT LINE, FIBER), 2 in the form of herbal infusions (DETOX and SKINNY HERBAL INFUSION) and 3 in the traditional form of supplementation systems (COLOSTRUM EXTRA IMMUNITY, DRENA PLUS and CELLUFIGHT).


The unique UTIQUE brand has been joined by other excellent products: 7 Luxury Shower Gels and 2 Luxury Body Balms with captivating scents of unique perfumes, 4 Luxury Hand Washes and 2 Luxury Massage Oils and AMBERGRIS perfumes dazzling with sea accords flavored with a pinch of spiciness.


Among the specialist FONTAINAVIE cosmetics you will now find Advanced Repair Lip Balm and 3 In 1 Teeth Whitening Foam, and among professional HAIRLAB products – Colour-Treated Hair Shampooand Shampoo and Mask For Curly Hair, as well as 5 handy and comfortable, ideal for travel, products in the mini version.


The new PURE ROYAL UNISEX line that represents the return to classic perfumery, when fragrances were not attributed to sex, starts with 5 fragrances – on the one hand strong and expressive, on the other with bright and fresh accents. Among the perfumes you will also find 9 new issues of PURE ROYAL, 7 PURE, as well as 30 PURE ROYAL fragrances in light, 15 ml bottles that you can have with you in every situation.


Your skin shall be taken care of by 3 new Perfumed Shower Gels and 4 Body Balms, as well as 2 Perfumed Antiperspirants Roll-On and Shaving Foam For Women.


Multifunctional Primer SPF 30, 5 shades of Ideal Cover Effect Foundation and 3 Long Lasting Sparkle Cream Eyeshadow will help create the most fashionable makeup.


Moments of pleasure with an aromatic cup will be provided by the first instant AURILE coffee – INTENSE and CREMA, which are a source of completely different taste sensations.


The exclusive PURE HOME line has been expanded with a collection of 14 Home Ritual Fragrance Candles, 3 new versions of Home Ritual Fragrance and 6 Wardrobe Fragrances. Fragrances reminiscent of heavenly holidays – Maldives Paradise and Singapore Twilight – can be found in Home Perfumes, Vacuum Fresheners and Wardrobe Fragrances. Anti-Mist Glass Cleaner will ensure shiny windows and mirrors free of water vapor, while extremely efficient Effective Foam Washing-up Liquid – shiny dishes. Among the novelties you will also find 2 new fragrances of Luxury Fabric Softeners.


You will find more information about products in our latest catalogue.