Discover new products of 4th GNF!

Discover new products of 4th GNF!

June 16, 2019

Such a special event, which is undoubtedly the Global Networking Forum, could not do without the product premieres, that are always impatiently awaited. Therefore, this year, during the Saturday conference, we presented great new products in our offer!

UTIQUE Luxury hand wash is distinguished by a velvety texture full of precious ingredients. Enriched with a unique Biohydration Plus™ complex, which perfectly mimics the NMF, they leave your skin velvety soft and smooth in texture. It froths perfectly, embracing your hands with its velvety foam, which gently cleanses your hands without leaving the skin dry. They are available in four captivating fragrance compositions that are well-known to you from the UTIQUE Luxury body balms and shower gels: Amber, Oud & Rose, Grapefruit & Orange Blossom and Fig Leaves.


HOME RITUAL Fragrance candle is limited collection of luxury candles inspired by best-selling PURE and PURE ROYAL perfume(18, 20, 52, 199 i 413). Set in elegant glass, the candles make for an appealing decoration for any interior. Used hydro-refined paraffin and a wick meet the strict requirements of the German RAL standard in terms of: scent intensity, optimal burn-up behaviour, minimal smouldering, reduced soot on glass and wick quality.


PURE ROYAL Perfume 15 ml is limited edition of the finest fragrances with low capacity and great possibilities! They keep the rich luxury tones and daze you with their classy, elegant and timeless design. Thanks to the small and lightweight bottle, you can always carry your favourite perfume with you – when travelling, on special occasions, for everyday wear, to feel confident in any situation or to change perfumes whetever you want depending on the mood and circumstances. 

The offer includes women's and men's perfumes with numbers: 142, 146, 171, 199, 301, 327, 335,359, 362, 366, 800, 803, 807, 809, 823.


Shaving foam for women with the scent of the iconic perfumes PURE 18 effectively siftens hair to ensure precise and comfortable shaving. Its gentle formula is perfect for legs, as if sensitive armpit and bikini areas. It contains allantoin that perfectly relieves the skin and prevents any redness and smooths the skin, leaving it soft and pleasant to touch. This is an absolute summer must have, which can not be missing in any women's vanity case!

You can find more details about all the new products in our ONLINE STORE!