4th GNF


Preparations for the big event – 4th GNF – are in full swing! Our great speakers don’t waste the time either! Because standing on the stage on Main Arena of TAURON Arena Kraków on June 15 will be a great challenge for them – how to best convey theirs invaluable knowledge and share with everybody their many years of experience.

FM WORLD is always appreciating progress and helps in achieving success. Therefore, on May 9 and 10, at the Renaissance Hotel in Warsaw, a fantastic meeting took place, with a special guest – Polish journalist, television presenter, speaker and trainer - unrivalled Tomasz Kammel!

The world’s greatest leaders and managers of the largest branches from the company came to the heart of Poland to train their public speaking skills in a unique atmosphere. The amazing meeting was attended by: Anita Sieniuc, Julita Habet and Roy Strong from Great Britain, Luis Reis and Jacek Tatar from Portugal, Krzysztof Cybul from Poland and Ibrahim Berdkan from Lebanon. Extremely charismatic Tomasz Kammel gave his lecturers his professional and valuable tips and fill them with positive energy, which they will share with you in June in TAURON Arena Kraków!