4th GNF


4th GNF ahead of us! Do you feel the thrill? We do! Next weekend Business Partners and Leaders from all over the world will meet in the ultra-modern facility - TAURON Arena Kraków, to exchange knowledge and experience!

And today we have significant information for you - you can already download tickets!

REMEMBER! A ticket (printed or in electronic form) along with an identity document should be carried with you during 4th GNF.

Tickets should be download to 9 June (Sunday) 2019 to 11:59 p.m (UTC+2). This is very important because on the basis of downloaded tickets the list of guest will be made. According to the list, places, bands and other promotional materials are prepared. Anyone who does not download the ticket until that time will not be allowed to enter the event.

See you in Cracow!


Instructions on how to download the 4th Global Networking Forum tickets HERE!


  1. Enter the page https://back-office.fmworld.com. Please, login to the back office.

  2. Tap the hyperlink Tickets.

  3. You will see a table. Choose the ticket and tap Provide BP Number. You can find it in the column “BP Number”.

  4. „Assign BP Number” will appear on the page. Enter the number. If the ticket is assigned to you – enter your BP Number. If the ticket is assigned to other Business Partner – enter his/her BP Number. Then tap Verify to continue.

  5. There will be visible: BP Number, Ticket Code and the first and the last letters of the first and last name. Check the data. If everything is correct, tap OK.

  6. You will be headed back to the table. Tap Get Ticket in the “Tickets” column.